Important facts

prices and receipts

Our prices are set according to the design you choose, as you add design elements, the price will change accordingly. In addition to the standard prices, travel fees according to your area of residence may apply.

The business is exempt from VAT and issues receipts.


travel fees

In order to provide a solution for every client and to reach all parts of the country, we charge travel fees in addition to the design price. The travel allowance helps us to reach you and is calculated according to the shekel per kilometer traveled. In collecting the travel fees, we wish to cover for the price of fuel, the wear and tear of the vehicle and the travel time. In the map at the bottom of the page you can calculate the price of travel, when you should consider the trip between your place of residence and our business place in Avnei Hefetz.

types of walls

In our work we chisel the surface of the wall and reach the plaster stage beneath the layer of paint, since we work with the plaster in the wall we work with concrete walls or blocks coated with a layer of plaster.



Sometimes during our work we encounter a light plaster instead of the gray plaster we expected. There is no reason to panic. The bright plaster is called "plaster" and over the years it has been used more frequently in newer building sites, it is a relatively new work method which allows quick, quality work over the old methods and familiar.

What this  means for us is that instead of gray plaster we will find a light beige colored plaster which will not always create a contrast between the color of the wall and the color of the plaster. In this case, we recommend one of two options:

The first option to leave the design as it is with the background being bright beige color which is sometimes more appropriate than the gray color.

The second option is to paint the design elements (ie the caption and the painting) and even paint a frame for the design. In effect, the space will remain bright like the color of the plaster and the painted elements will be painted in the color of your choice

We invite you to browse our designs in these styles in the category "Adding Color" in the gallery.