How to choose a design

design location

The location can affects the size of the design, as there are places in the house where the wall is large as well as places where the wall is small. Additionally, according to halacha, the design should be located in proximity to the entrance of the house, such as over the door frame or in the entrance area. In certain places it is preferable for the design to be simple and modest and in other places a more full and decorative design is more fitting. Accordingly, the location is very important and each case has its preferred style.

In order to choose a final location, look for places that seem relevant to you. Try to imagine what a gray square would look like, not plastered. We recommend observing from the entrance of each room as a way of determining your desired location for the design.

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According to halakha an “amah” is between 43 and 48 cm. We recommend that the square be made 48 cm in order to fulfill all the opinions (excluding that of the Chazon Ish who determined that an “amah” is 60 cm). of course you can customize the overall size of the design as well as its height and width. It is preferable however to adapt the size of the design to the location upon which you have decided.

interior design

The interior of the design is composed of writing, a beautiful painting and decorations. Of course, the interior design adds volume to the memorial and changes its character from a blank square to a more decorative one. We recommend that you consider whether you prefer a full and elegant design or a simple and minimal design. Here are the options for interior design, you can see more designs in our gallery.